Alternator Kits

These Alternator Kits are used to provide 12V power for manual start models. Supplies AC current which requires either a regulator for lighting or charging rectifier kit for DC battery charging.

Kit includes an alternator, screws and clamp for mounting under flywheel assembly. This alternator kit is standard equipment on 6 hp "Sail Pro" models.

(Note: picture may not be of actual kit.)

Part Number Description Applicable Models
3H6-06128-0 Alternator Kit (12V 60W) M5B 2-Stroke, MFS4/5/6A & A2 4-Stroke
3GR-06128-0 Alternator Kit (12V 60W) MFS4/5/6B & C 4-Stroke (includes flywheel)
3B2-06123-1 Alternator Kit (12V 80W) M8/9.8B (2-Stroke)
3V1-06128-0 Alternator Kit (12V 80W) MFS8/9.8A (4-Stroke)
3V2-06128-0 Alternator Kit (12V 80W) MFS8/9.8A & A2 & A3 (4-Stroke)