Alternator Kits

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Alternator Kits are used to provide 12V power for manual start models. Supplies AC current which requires either a regulator for lighting or charging rectifier kit for DC battery charging. Kit includes an alternator, screws and clamp for mounting under flywheel assembly.

(An alternator kit is standard equipment on 6hp "Sail Pro" models.)

(Note: picture may not be of actual kit.)

Part Number Description Applicable Models
3H6-06128-0 Alternator Kit (12V 60W) M5B 2-Stroke, MFS4/5/6A & A2 4-Stroke
3GR-06128-0 Alternator Kit (12V 60W) MFS4/5/6B & C 4-Stroke (includes flywheel)
3B2-06123-1 Alternator Kit (12V 80W) M8/9.8B (2-Stroke)
3V1-06128-0 Alternator Kit (12V 80W) MFS8/9.8A (4-Stroke)
3V2-06128-0 Alternator Kit (12V 80W) MFS8/9.8A & A2 & A3 (4-Stroke)